Recent innovations in the malaria fight are saving thousands of lives every single day. Meet some of those whose lives have been impacted by modern day developments.

  • khoul received A proper diagnosis with
    a Rapid Diagnostic Test

    10-year-old Khoul had a frightening experience with malaria. After she was feeling hot and sick, her dad, Nelson, rushed her to the doctor to find out what was wrong. A Rapid Diagnostic Test showed she had malaria, but thankfully, the local clinic had access to and gave Nelson a pill pack that could cure Khoul. Without treatment, malaria might have taken her life and robbed her baby brother, Moses, of his adoring big sister.

  • Peter’s life WAS saved by
    A $1 Malaria treatment

    Cassava is the mother of four children, including two-year-old Peter, who had malaria. As a busy school teacher, she arranged to take a little time away from her class during the lunch period to rush home and give Peter the medicine he needed to rid his sick body of the malaria parasites and get back to his normal mischievous self.

  • El Hadj’s actions are
    Preventing Transmission

    El Hadj lost his daughter, 11-year-old Ami, to malaria. But instead of retreating inward, he took his turmoil and turned it into a public battle against the disease. El Hadj rallied groups to clear trash and standing water - breeding grounds for malaria mosquitoes - every day, and even recruited the village chief to fine families not sleeping under their mosquito nets every night. With El Hadj’s interventions, village malaria cases went from 3,500 per year to zero, and at least 66 neighboring villages are using similar practices - keeping more than 50,000 residents safe from the disease.

  • Douglas tackles malaria on a
    mobile phone

    As a community health volunteer, Douglas has been donating his free time to fighting malaria and helping to protect his 300 neighbors from the disease. When a neighbor feels sick, they can visit Douglas and get tested –and, if needed - treated, for malaria. Douglas records cases via an app on his mobile device that feeds data to the central database where the country is monitoring transmission.

We're working with our partners to develop the next-generation tools and strategies that will move us from saving individual lives to full-scale elimination.

    New RDTs will be able to detect the parasite in seemingly HEALTHY people who are acting as active hosts of the disease.


    Next-generation pills can eliminate the parasite with a single dose, are immune from recent drug resistance and will protect from reinfection.


    Vaccines are currently in development to not only protect humans, but to block transmission from humans to mosquitoes - eliminating the vector that passes the disease from person to person.

  • MOBILE phones

    Mobile phones are already being used to battle fake drugs, manage stock supplies at clinics and provide instant response to reported outbreaks.


Your gift will help make these innovations a reality. Here's how we're making your dollars work harder to end this disease.

  • Programs

    Our teams are on the ground in Africa delivering new commodities and providing important health education programs to make sure these innovations are put to proper use.

  • Partnerships

    Our partners are on the front lines of R&D to develop the tools and strategies that will win this fight.

  • Advocacy

    Our Advocacy team works in Washington, D.C. and around the world to secure the global funding necessary to scale innovation and make malaria elimination a reality.