At Malaria No More, we envision a world where no child dies from a mosquito bite. We use our innovative partnerships and focused advocacy to elevate malaria on the global health agenda, create political will and mobilize the global resources required to achieve malaria eradication within a generation.

A Malaria-Free Holiday

In December, Malaria No More Cameroon teamed up with one of our K.O. Palu Ambassadors to host a celebration for 200 young orphans called “Par Ici Noel” (Over here it’s Christmas) in the capital city of Yaoundé.

The event was organized by MUFERED, a Cameroonian based women’s organization that supports disadvantaged children, in partnership with a basketball association.

This year, Dorette Bouwe Ndjiele, K.O Palu Ambassador and President of MUFERED, invited Malaria No More to teach the young children about the importance of sleeping under mosquito nets to avoid malaria.

Dorette and other K.O. Palu Ambassadors taught the children about malaria and led a malaria-themed quiz with prizes such as K.O. Palu t-shirts and a CD of the 2013 Malaria Anthem.

Some of the ambassadors, including newly recruited percussionist group Tour Africaine, performed for the kids, and got them excited for the “Mini Mr. and Miss Cameroon” competition, cheered on by the volunteers and basketball players.

In addition to the ambassadors, at least 100 other people came to volunteer and spent the day with the orphans, and many national radio and TV channels spread the news.

The children look forward to the holiday event all year, and left this year’s event with the tools and knowledge needed to protect themselves from malaria.

February 11, 2014 | by Sonya Chemouni Bach


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