At Malaria No More, we envision a world where no child dies from a mosquito bite. We use our innovative partnerships and focused advocacy to elevate malaria on the global health agenda, create political will and mobilize the global resources required to achieve malaria eradication within a generation.

Eating Pizza with Katharine McPhee

Malaria No More ambassador Katharine McPhee is fighting for good on TV and in her real life. Having traveled with us to Ghana and Burkina Faso in 2012 and having supported our most recent campaign called the Power of One (Po1), Katharine had a lot to talk about with a bunch of teenagers over pizza.

Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer launched a web series called Pizza with an Icon, where teens can ask questions of influencers and all the good work they’re doing. In this segment, Katharine talks about her travels and how everyone can do their part to help end malaria deaths.

"It's such a tragedy that there are people dying from something that is so easy to cure," Katharine said. "It’s important for people to know that it’s not that hard to make a dent in a small part of the world that you may not necessarily even have any connection with.”

We couldn’t be more grateful to Katharine and all her hard work on the cause.

“Katharine has been an incredible supporter of Malaria No More for years, she is truly engaged in the push to eliminate deaths from malaria,” said our CEO, Martin Edlund. “Using her platform to raise awareness for the Power of One test and treatment campaign partnered with Novartis and Alere, Katharine has made a huge impact helping us move toward achieving our goal of raising three million treatments in our first partner country, Zambia.”

September 23, 2014


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