At Malaria No More, we envision a world where no child dies from a mosquito bite. We use our innovative partnerships and focused advocacy to elevate malaria on the global health agenda, create political will and mobilize the global resources required to achieve malaria eradication within a generation.

World Malaria Day is Thank You Day

This World Malaria Day, we decided to pause to recognize a key player in the global fight against malaria: YOU.

Your support has helped raise awareness of malaria among hundreds of millions of Americans and put our goal of ending deaths from mosquito bites on the global agenda. Thanks to you, your voice, and your actions, a majority of Americans now recognize malaria as an urgent global issue, and global funding for the fight has increased by 1000% in the past decade.

Your generosity has fueled the distribution of three million mosquito nets to provide life-saving protection from the nighttime bite of a malarial mosquito, and you’ve already been boosting our newest effort to get rapid diagnostic tests and life-saving malaria treatments to the kids who need them (you’ll see much more about that soon enough). You’ve also funded innovative health education initiatives to ensure these tools are used effectively -- and they’re working! A recent study showed our Cameroon campaign increased national net usage among children under the age of five by 12%. Most importantly, deaths are down 33% in Africa since we started.

Your support has attracted the attention of partners, entrepreneurs and entertainers around the world. From American Idol’s “Idol Gives Back” to Ashton’s race on Twitter, to the Sundance Film Festival and the finish line of the New York City Marathon, to CollegeHumor’s Malarious campaign and HBO Films’ MARY AND MARTHA movie, you’ve helped us bring the malaria fight to heights we never thought possible.

So thank you! THANK YOU. We can’t thank you enough, and we certainly couldn’t do what we do without you. This World Malaria Day, we’re honoring YOU – because we’ve got some exciting new things in the works, and we’re counting on your help to make them happen. Let’s make malaria no more.

Martin Edlund
CEO, Malaria No More

P.S. – If you do want to take action today, there’s a simple way to help treat a child for malaria. For every video view of HBO Films’ MARY AND MARTHA trailer today, we’ll provide a full course of treatment for a child with malaria. This is sponsored by our partner, the Novartis Malaria Initiative.

April 24, 2013 | by Martin Edlund


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