At Malaria No More, we envision a world where no child dies from a mosquito bite. We use our innovative partnerships and focused advocacy to elevate malaria on the global health agenda, create political will and mobilize the global resources required to achieve malaria eradication within a generation.

Malaria is one of the top child killers on the planet

But the world is better prepared to defeat malaria now than ever before. We can end deaths from this disease.

What is Malaria?

A child dies every two minutes from malaria

Malaria claims the lives of 453,000 people per year—90% of those in Africa.

Half the world is at risk

There were an estimated 214 million malaria cases worldwide in 2015, mostly pregnant women and children.

Malaria keeps more kids out of school than any other disease

Malaria accounts for half of preventable absenteeism in African schools, causing up to 10 million missed days each year. Malaria also can cause lasting learning disabilities.

There's a $3.6B Funding Gap for Malaria Control in Africa

We need to close the gap to keep the drive toward zero malaria deaths going. Without sustained and predictable long-term funding, the gains we've made could even be reversed.

Malaria sucks the lifeblood out of Africa's economy

While not all adult cases of malaria are fatal, the disease keeps adults out of work and robs families of precious disposable income. In all, malaria costs Africa an estimated $12 billion a year in lost productivity.

Here's the good news:
We have the tools to end malaria deaths today.

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We can end this disease in our lifetimes, so don't miss out on any important updates as we get closer to our goal of zero malaria deaths.

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