The Women Leading the Fight Against Malaria

In health development, as in many other areas, women are agents of change. They are the driving force that creates better lives for families, communities, and increasingly, the countries they have been elected to govern.

— Dr. Margaret Chan, Former Director-General of WHO

Meet the Women Working to End Malaria

From grassroots activists to heads of state, women at all levels are helping save millions of people from malaria. Below you'll find some of the world leaders, innovators, community activists, icons and health leaders who are using their voices to save the world’s most vulnerable and end this preventable disease. This list is only the tip of the iceberg. There are countless others—past, present and future—working to ensure no one dies of a mosquito bite. Join us by adding to the list on Twitter or Facebook using #EndMalaria.

Global Health Gamechangers

These women have made malaria a major component of the global health agenda, creating life-saving programs and raising worldwide awareness of this preventable disease, putting us one step closer to ending malaria once and for all.

Political Changemakers

These women leaders are spending taxpayer dollars in donor and malaria-affected countries to ensure governments are doing their share to help save lives. Their unwavering voices are helping the most vulnerable.

Movers & Shakers in the Malaria Community

These women have dedicated their time to serving the most-at risk communities. By raising their voices on behalf of others, and advocating for life-saving programs, they are the leaders who have the power to help change trajectories of families, communities and entire nations.

Malaria Pioneers & Innovators

These women who have saved lives through medical breakthroughs. From discovering artemisinin to studying the effects of malaria on pregnancy, these women are developing life-saving tools that will end malaria for good.

Boots on the Ground

These women are the boots on the ground. They go door to door, walking miles to rural communities, and dedicate their time to save the lives of their neighbors. We’re grateful for the work of health workers all over the world, including those who in 2018 worked to ensure countries are making progress, from reducing the malaria burden to eliminating the disease altogether.

Philanthropic Visionaries

These women have dedicated their time and resources to fight malaria. By actively using their voices and platforms, they’ve put us one step closer to elimination.

Emerging Malaria Trailblazers

These women are dedicating their lives to ensure a better future for the people in their communities—from empowering local advocates to providing access to life-saving commodities. Expect to hear more from them as we get closer and closer to ending malaria.