This week, we’re celebrating World Mosquito Day (August 20) and National Franchise Appreciation Day (August 26) to highlight the great work of one of our partners, Mosquito Squad, one of the fastest-growing franchises in the U.S. In 2011, Mosquito Squad partnered with Malaria No More understanding that while they fight mosquitoes as a matter of convenience at home, for many around the world, the fight against mosquitoes is a matter of life and death.

In 2014, Mosquito Squad kicked off the “Dread’s Challenge Campaign,” in which their brand mascot, Dread Skeeter, challenged their franchisees to join the fight against malaria. Since our partnership began, MS has made a big impact: helping to deliver 60,000 malaria treatments to children in Zambia as part of MNM’s Power of One Campaign, supporting youth ambassadors and critical malaria education campaigns in Cameroon, and raised over $350,000.00!

Since 2015, Mosquito Squad has been an important partner in Malaria No More’s efforts to the fight against malaria in Cameroon, supporting our work to ensure the delivery of lifesaving and widespread communications that educate children and communities on how to prevent and treat malaria, through proper net usage and testing along with supporting our advocacy efforts in country. In October 2016, along with the Chairman & CEO of Outdoor Living Brands, franchisees from Nashville, TN; St. Cloud, MN; Austin, TX; and Charleston, SC traveled with us to Cameroon to witness the positive impact their support has made on the lives of Cameroonians. The team left feeling more motivated than ever to tackle this disease and help Cameroon reach its historic goal to cut malaria transmissions by 75% and place them firmly on the path to malaria elimination.

Malaria No More would like to extend a special thank you to the following franchise offices who have made donations so far in 2017: Alpharetta, Georgia; Bangor-Auburn, Maine; Cape Cod, Massachusetts; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Chicago, Illinois; Columbus, Ohio; Frederick, Maryland; Greater Charleston, South Carolina; Hartford, Connecticut & Springfield, Massachusetts; North Central Minnesota, North Central Wisconsin, St. Petersburg-Clearwater, Florida; Suffolk County, New York; Twin Cities, Minnesota; Victoria, Texas; Wilmington, North Carolina; and Wiregrass, Alabama.

To help Mosquito Squad fuel the fight, join them by clicking here!

Video above: Christopher Grandpre, Chairman & CEO of Outdoor Living Brands on why Mosquito Squad gives back.

Inspired by Mosquito Squad or just have questions about how to get involved? Please reach out to Kelly Fleming: Kelly.Fleming@malarianomore.org

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