Malaria No More Panel on Leveraging Multi-Sector Investments to End Malaria in Africa

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA – June 5, 2015 – Today, Malaria No More hosted an interactive breakfast panel entitled “Leveraging Multi-Sector Investments to End Malaria in Africa” at the World Economic Forum on Africa meeting in Cape Town, South Africa. Malaria No More moderated a conversation with representatives from the U.S. Department of State, Novartis, Alere, Global Fund and Goodbye Malaria.

The event’s conversation centered on the economic imperative for private sector investment and public-private partnerships in the fight against malaria. Defeating malaria means savings lives and it also leads to a more robust African economy due to a reduction in worker and student absenteeism and strengthening health systems. Malaria is one of the most destructive diseases in history, and despite the tremendous progress that has been made in the last 15 years, malaria still takes the life of a child nearly every minute.

“We are getting closer to a malaria-free world than we ever have before,” said Josh Blumenfeld, managing director of Malaria No More. “Eradicating the world’s deadliest and costliest disease would completely transform Africa and its economy. Malaria No More is thrilled that so many private sector partners appreciate the value of investing in ending this disease, because we know that public-private partnerships are going to be key to eradicating malaria for good.”

“Together, we must rise to the historic opportunities this year with the Financing for Development conference next month, and the Sustainable Development Goals in September, to define a vision for the future, and demonstrate our resolve to use our resources – governments, civil society, and of course, the private sector – to tackle our common challenges,” said Daniella Ballou-Aares, senior adviser for development to the United States Secretary of State.

"Collaborations and partnerships are essential to achieve malaria elimination and have been at the core of the Novartis Malaria Initiative from the outset,” said Linus Igwemezie, the executive vice president and head of Novartis’ Malaria Initiative. “Novartis will continue to partner with the best institutions and companies and intensify its research efforts to develop next generation compounds against malaria to eventually eliminate the disease. We need support from governments, NGOs, academia, as well as the public at large, because we can only win this fight together.”

“For the first time in human history, we have the power to eradicate malaria in our lifetime,” said Dr. Luis Gonzalez, director of medical and scientific affairs at Alere Healthcare. “New rapid diagnostics tests will help us detect the disease in asymptomatic patients – a huge and exciting advancement in the fight to end malaria.”

“By working together we have made tremendous gains against malaria. In many countries we are turning the tide against the disease, helping communities thrive and saving thousands of lives,” said Patrik Silborn, head of the private sector engagement department in the external relations division of the Global Fund. “To capitalize on these gains, we need to continue to work with the private sector to scale-up investment and tap into their expertise to accelerate the end of malaria as an epidemic.”

“As an initiative started by African entrepreneurs, Goodbye Malaria understands that public-private partnerships are a promising tool through which we can solve the continent’s toughest health challenges,” said Sherwin Charles, president and CEO of Goodbye Malaria. “Malaria is a deadly disease that affects the economic and physical health of millions of Africans and we are excited to be working with the private sector toward a solution.”

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